About Us

It all began when two like-minded blokes got together and wanted to change the world. Well perhaps it wasn’t such a grandiose beginning, but the vision and ambition was there. We wanted to be in the business of changing peoples lives for the better and provide a product that would positively impact their daily lives.

Fokuss is committed to moving with the times. The digital advancements made over the past two decades have led to businesses and companies becoming more mindful of the manner in which they operate. Central to our ethos is mindfulness. We believe passionately in protecting minds and one of the revolutionary, proven ways to do this is anti-blue light technology.

Screens on our digital devices are the primary conduits when being exposed to blue light. A large and growing body of research demonstrates that blue light blocking glasses can be highly effective at filtering out blue light and restoring healthy sleep, bio rhythms and reducing headaches. The glasses we provide to our customers can go a long way in improving their quality of life and this is the single, most compelling reason why we do what we do.